What are the latest features of PHP 7.3 for developers?

PHP is a widely-used, open-source scripting language that is perfect for web development. PHP is easy to embed with HTML meaning it is easy to scale and robust in nature. It is one of the most commonly-used server-side scripting languages in the world. It offers advanced features for the developers that can take benefit of it. Regardless of expertise, a basic understanding is handy if you’re planning to build a website. PHP is compatible with all the major Operating Systems and can be used without any issue with the database tools including MySQL. What’s more, it’s always got updates, in order to offer the latest features and boost performance.


The release of PHP 7 bought multiple features, that were more focused on improving the performance and security web applications. Since they’re known for regular updates, and it was no surprise that the development team had more to offer. The most recent update for the developers is the launch of PHP 7.3. The update brings a range of innovative features and functionality for the PHP development company to integrate into web application development work.


The latest version of PHP brings a range of exciting changes let’s explore the most remarkable ones.


1. Flexible Syntaxes


The most vital improvements PHP 7.3 brings is the update of existing nowdoc and heredoc syntaxes. These are important techniques for defining strings. Earlier it was important to include the ending identifier in the new line as the first string. However, the update enables the closing marker for indenting and eliminates the new line necessity after the closing marker. This is particularly beneficial when using Heredoc syntax. The PHP 7.3 update brings an advanced look and boosted the readability of these syntaxes.


2. Better Performance Speed


With the launch of PHP 7.0, it was claimed to be twice fast as its earlier version. Now, PHP 7.3 is around 30% faster meaning it smashes all the previous records. This update brings better performance speed no matter what version you were using until now. This is crucial, as performance plays a vital role in creating positive customer satisfaction. Slow loading pages lead to potential customers loss, as they’ll switch to a faster website. Luckily, the new update boosts the speed of websites that rely on this scripting language. Plus, a faster speed helps the developers to work in an efficient manner. If you Hire PHP Developer, for your web application development, make sure the latest updates are integrated by the developers.


3. Inclusion of Trailing Comma in Function Calls


Trailing commas are added to the list of elements, and parameters. They are helpful to write clean code that is simple to understand as well as edit. PHP 7.3 allows developers to add trailing commas in the function declarations. But, this change will affect the function calls only as function declaration syntax will remain unchanged.


While these are some of the most remarkable changes PHP 7.3 brings to the development world. The update also contains Argon2 password hash enhancements and some latest functions.




PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages, admired for its regular updates as well as improvements in the user experience. The latest release, PHP 7.3, is very fast, smooth and has plenty of improved functionality.

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