Lumos Learning

Lumos Learning

About the app

Lumos StepUp is an all-in-one collaborative educational app for students, parents, and teachers.

Your Lumos StepUp app includes high-quality learning resources that are standards-aligned and grade appropriate.

Features in the app

For Students:
Realistic assessment rehearsal with two full-length practice tests.
Support for students’ test preparation in over 32 states that use assessments such as PARCC, Smarter Balanced, ACT Aspire, ILEARN, TNReady, GMAS, CMAS, NYST, OST, FSA, MCAS, MAP, MAAP, LEAP.
Instant homework help from Lumos Assistant, an AI-powered bot
Pic & Learn: that allows the student to search resources by snapping an image
Practice on all math domains and ELA strands
Numeric drills for daily basic skills practice

For Parents;
Personalized dashboard for easy navigation
Discover and assign practice to students
Access to detailed performance reports that help in identifying students’ skill gaps
Access to progress reports to track advancement and improvements
Ability to submit homework help requests
Ability to share resources with other parents
Ability to access Lumos StepUp online test prep program anywhere anytime
Ability to access online component of Lumos tedBook anywhere anytime

For Teachers:
Ability to provide access to high-quality resources for 30 or more students
Access to ready practice tests that mirror state assessment blueprints. Supports assessments such as PARCC, SBAC, ACT Aspire, FSA, GMAS, LEAP, OST, MAAP, MAP, ILEARN, CMAS, TNReady, MCAS, NYST.

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