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We plan and execute the project   by delivering  in  milestone deliverables  which is discussed with the technical team and agreed upon  with the customers.

We  takes approve from customers on every steps such as on Wireframe design, Milestone- 1 , Milestone -2 and Final Deliveries. Communication is  one of the  key factor  for the successful deliver  of  a project


App Deliver in 30 Days

The First Milestone of the app will be delivered in a week of development with the basic features. After that we will keep adding the other remaining features one by one to the app. This helps to get a clear visibility for client and will not get any surprise during final delivery.

Day 1

Project Kickoff

Day 5

Wireframe Design

Day 10

Design Signoff

Day 15

Milestone -1, 5 days of Development

Day 20

Milestone-2, 10 days of Development

Day 25

Final Version, 15 days of Development

Day 28

Beta Testing Complition

Day 30

Final Release

Have Milestone Payments

We have milestone payment options which enables you to see the actual app progress in device and then pay us after a successful satisfactory milestones.

Free Business Consultation

Project Kickoff

30% Payment on Signoff



Wireframe Design

20% Payment after successful

milestone-1 Release

20% Payment after successful

Milestone-2 Release

30% Payment after successful

Final version Release

Submission to Appstore

Approval of the app in Appstore

Free Bug Fixes for 15 days

Final Release

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