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Once Again Store:

About the app :
Sell & Buy pre-owned fashion from your favourite brands.
We want to make branded fashion available to our buyers at good prices and we want to help our sellers make space for new memories.
Once Again lets clothing be sold, bought and loved again.

How it works:

1) A visitor comes onto the site and creates an account
2) Once this is done, they upload the products that they want to sell and upload their products through a simple seller form.
3) The product then comes onto the back end of our website where we review the product and edit it ( The images, description ) and approve it
4) It is now Live on the Website
5) Once the product is bought, we pick the product up from the sellers house directly via our logistics partner and deliver it
6) Once the buyer confirms the product and delivery, we make the payment to the seller minus the commission amount

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