One of the biggest drivers of the design industry is the ability to create powerful identities for businesses. Identity is often perceived as a visual representation of the name. So if the name has anything to do with the Viking culture, it draws a set of certain visual anchors which we get from our background knowledge.

Before the design of a project gets its direction, it has to go through a solid discovery phase where the first thing to address is who we are designing for and why. A brand is not an identity. The visual style is only one of the brand implications. Before the visual part gets going, a brand falls into the culture, customer, voice, feel, impact.

A logo is not a brand. It’s a symbol representing the brand. The brand is the knowledge and the feeling we have about a product or service we are designing.

UI itself becomes the strong element of branding due to its popularity and determines all the further solutions on branding design.

There are also cases when general branding elements such as logo, corporate colours, fonts and the like are totally different from stylistic concept of UI for the product.

Before we dive into how UX/UI can impact your brand, it’s important to understand precisely what your brand is. Too many times have I heard clients and designers say that a brand is just a logo–even though building a brand is so much more than any one mark.<

Your brand is much more than just the visual components of your company; it’s how a customer interacts with a salesman, how you purchase a product from a website, how a product makes you feel, and how a company build your trust.

Do You Want to Brand Your Product or Service?